Growing Out of a Nap

We knew something needed to change when my son, 3.5 years old, was fighting with us daily to go down for a nap.  Even the days that he didn’t go down for a nap, he wouldn’t really start to melt until almost bedtime.  The days that he would take a nap we were fighting him to go down at night, usually resulting in him not going to bed till several hours after he was suppose to.  At the time we knew he still needed downtime, and time that he is not really running around.  And let’s be truthful, Mom and Dad also still needed that time without kids.

Talking with my mother, she reminded me of what we used to do as children.  Quiet time! I remember having certain toys that we could play with only during this time. So we started to implement that with my son and will do it with my daughter when the time comes.

He doesn’t take a nap everyday and we don’t force him to sleep.  Instead he has quiet time.  Quiet time is a time where my son plays quietly in his room with his door closed.  He is able to read or color or play with his legos, but he is not able to come out of his room until my daughter wakes up, unless he has to go to bathroom.  Now we are also not talking about if there is an emergency, just more with the constant interruptions.

He actually enjoys this time by himself to play with his own toys.  On days that he is really tired, he either asks to take a nap or he will put himself in his bed and fall asleep.  This method is a great way for them to have their independence and feel in control.  We rarely require him to go down and usually the days we do, we know it is going to be a late night.

What do you do when your child is growing out of a nap?




Product Review: Leapfrog DVDs

I am a firm believer that you can’t get away from technology.  It is all around us.  I mean my three year old knows how to use the Ipad better than I do.  With that being said, I am also very conscious about what my children watch or do.  I also love technology that can teach my children in a fun way.

One of the educational DVDs we allow our children to watch is the Leapfrog DVDs.  They have a few different ones and honestly all of them are great!  Both my son and daughter request theses shows and I gladly put them on.  They have learned their shapes, colors, alphabet and numbers through these dvds.  It is a great addition to what we already teach them in a fun way.  Especially for my son, who really is a visual learner and needs more than just activity books.

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Preschool Chore Chart Printables

It is never too early for kids to learn how to help around the house.  It can be as little as learning to pick up their own toys, to helping set the table.  Children love to help, and what better way to help them learn to contribute to the household.

Now that my children are 2 and 3, we wanted a way to track things everyday to show our children what they have accomplished.  I have compiled a list of different chore charts for younger children.

Homeschool Creations has a Chore Chart that has pictures to help younger children know what they need to do.

Here is a Chore Chart from Chart Jungle.


My Frugal Adventures has this one

Here is another one from ChoreCharts


A Grateful life has this one


Coming up is how I set up our chore charts.



Tips to Get your Child to Love to Read

I am a firm believer of starting your children off early when it comes to reading.  I am the type of parent where I want them to destroy books, because that means that they are going through the pages and looking at the pictures, creating their own stories.  We have over 700 books in our library, another 700 on our kindles, and even more in our library to sell.  We love books in our house and we encourage our children to pick one up.  We have them on all levels of the house, in the car, in their backpacks, in the diaper bag.  We take them with us on our kindle/Ipad/Phone.  We are never without access to some type of books.  I have created a list of tips to help get your child to love to read.

  • Start them early: Allow them to feel it, start with the board books, or even the soft books.
  • Do not correct them: Do not correct them when reading.  If they are reading the book upside down, just allow it.  Remember that they have a grander imagination then we do as adult.
  • Read with them: Sit down and read with them.  Start off small with very short books.
  • Follow their lead:  If they only allow you to read the first couple of words of the page, then be it.  Don’t stop them and correct them.  You want to engage them at their level, not y0urs.
  • Choose books they are interested in:  This one was the hardest for me.  I wanted to read all of my childhood favorites and not their favorite.  Once I gave in and read what they wanted to, they sat longer and enjoyed it more.
  • Choose characters that they know: Their are books for almost every character that your child could love.  Mine happen to love ScoobyDoo.  So I make sure to have as many ScoobyDoo books I can find, that way I encourage more reading from him.
  • Ask them to read to you:  I always find it interesting what they “read” to me.  They really can understand a story from the pictures.
  • Repeat: Read the same book over and over and over again.  They love that!  It also builds their love to read that story.
  • Be animated: The more animated you are in reading the more they will get into the story.
  • Add Props: If you have the opportunity to add props, whether bought or made.  It makes it more interactive.
  • Take them to the Library: Library is great for activities and readings, while there you can pick up a few books.
  • Have fun!


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Do you have any suggestions or tips for helping your child love to read?  Please comment!