Tips for Using Cloth Diapers on Vacation

As you know I love cloth diapering my children.  My son potty trained at 2.5 years-old and my daughter will be about the same age when she is potty trained.  At this point we have been through a couple of vacations while fully using cloth diapers.  I really thought that it was going to be difficult and way too much work, but really it wasn’t that bad.

My family takes a yearly vacation to the beach with both my side and my husband’s side of the family.  Last year I used disposable diapers for the 4 day vacation with my family and noticed that my son took 3 HUGE steps back in the potty training.  Before the vacation he would tell us when he went and would want to be changed immediately.  He was really getting good at noticing when he went.  After using disposable diapers for the duration of the vacation, he no longer mind sitting in the pee, and he wouldn’t tell us he went.  It took a couple of weeks to get him back to where he was.  After that I knew that the second vacation I was going to cloth diaper him and my daughter the entire time.

I knew that the week vacation we take with my husband’s family has a washer and dryer, so it was no big deal to be able to take the cloth diapers and continue using them throughout the week.

Below are tips of cloth diapering while on vacation:

  • Bring twice as many as you think you might need
  • Bring 2 wetbags/diaper pail liners
  • Bring cloth diaper safe cream
  • Bring laundry soap you use for the cloth diapers
  • Bring disposable inserts or liners to cut down on the laundry
  • Think about using prefolds, as they are easier to wash and dry
  • When you get to your location, scope out where you are going to keep your diaper pail or wetbag
  • Think about bringing a hand washing machine, if you know that their will not be a washing machine

It is something that can be done and something that people do all the time.  Please comment with other tips you have for using cloth diapers while on vacation.


Tips for Potty Training

So we now have 1 potty trained child and 1 that is very close to starting.  There are some tips that I have learned over the last year to help ease the process.

  • Start early: It is okay if you didn’t, but start now.  Start by putting them on child on the potty, whenever you change their diaper.  Don’t force it if they don’t want to, you don’t want to have a negative affect.
  • Ask often: Ask them if they have to go often.  Some recommend every 15-30 minutes.
  • Change them often: I know that this is a no brainer, but change their diaper after every time they have told you they have gone.
  • Take them every time they ask: Every time they ask to go, take them.  Encourage them, even if you know that they went 10 minutes ago.  You want to encourage the “feeling” they may have until they figure out the actual feeling.
  • Be patient:  They are learning, they will make mistakes and will have accidents
  • Wait until they are ready: If you try and push them too early, you will have more accidents and have more issues.  Wait until they show signs and understanding of going on the potty.
  • Once you put them in underwear do NOT go back to diapers:  Some days and weeks it may seem like there are many accidents or that they don’t know that they need to go or even regress.  DO NOT put them back in diapers.

There are some things that I have done that I feel have helped.  We cloth diaper with an all natural insert that lets my daughter know when she has gone.  She feels it and there is no pulling away that happens with disposable diapers.  We take my daughter when we take my son to go potty.  Every time she tells us she went pee we sit her on the potty.  We also stop using diapers all together.  Within a couple weeks after my son requested underwear, we took the diapers away during nap and bedtime.  It was rough the first week or so, we had to change the sheets almost every night, but he now wakes up and goes.  We also don’t make a big deal if he doesn’t make it to the potty.  We understand that he is still learning.

Mother’s with Postpartum Depression

So just recently I saw something on the news about a woman who drove herself and her 4 children off a bridge and killed everyone.  As the news anchor was talking to parents about the tragedy all the comments were the same.  How could she do that to her children?    What mother would do that?  Man she must have been on something?  I can’t believe it!  As I sat there an watched it I casually stated to my husband, “I can see it”  He then turned to me as if asking for further explanation of what I meant.  I answered him by explaining that I could totally see a mother doing that.  Mother’s when dealing with Postpartum Depression and get to that point, don’t really see their children anymore.  They more see a problem that they want to end.  We as outsiders will never know the true reason why, but I can see why a mother might do something like that.  Now I have to say that I in no way condone what these women do, but I understand it from a different level.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to get help.  I know that even someone like myself who did ask for help, was met with a lot of barriers.  I remember at one point I only needed a medication change, since my medication was no longer working and my doctor couldn’t see me, but advised me to go to the hospital.  Well the hospital would have put me in the psych ward and  striped me of everything I had that I could potentially use as a weapon against me.  Let’s not even talk about what the consequences would have been for my children and my job.  All of that for a medication change.  Something that a 15 minute doctor appointment would have taken care of.

I know what it feels like to not want to hurt my children, but to want the problem to stop.  When a mother gets to that point they no longer are looking at their children, they are no longer seeing what you and I see, they are seeing no way out.  They feel like they are in a room with no door and the walls closing in.  They just want it to end.  Whatever that last straw is, triggers all of the built up feelings.

Postpartum Depression can manifest in so many different ways and at any point in time.  Just recently the New York Times posted an article about it.  The medical world is still finding so much more information about Postpartum depression and perinatal depression and anxiety.

If you  have been through it, please share your story.  If you think you are going through it, please do not be afraid to ask for help.  If you are unsure, ask anyway.  No question or comment or thought is too small for your doctor.  Please seek help.