Tot School: Olympic Theme

My son has been showing interest in learning and exploring new things, so I am taking every opportunity with him to teach him.  Each week we do different activities that are geared towards learning.  Some weeks there is a theme, while other weeks it is a lot of different activities.

This is the last week in review:
These past 2 weeks has been Olympic Theme.  Ryley had a wonderful time with some of the activities.

Matching card.  He is still a little young for this, but he likes to pick them up and    put them in the bag.

Starting to work on our colors.

Working with Bingo Markers RC had a lot of fun coloring with them!

We also introduced the letter O for Olympics.

We were able to pick up a story reader and a Leap Pad for really cheap, RC loves to listen and play with it.

As usual we went to the library for some fun!


Here are some of the resources I used with my son.

Check back next week to see all the different fine motor skills activities!

Do you have any fun activities that you did this week? Please share them!


Tot SchoolLasso the Moon 

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