Consignment Sales Events!

I have written before about how to save money on Children’s Cloths.  I have also written about how making Baby Food can help you save money.  Today I am going to write about how to save money on other children items.

As my children grow, I have been on the hunt for a few different items like a sit and stand stroller, sippy cups, books, toys and more.  I would not like to pay full price for these items that I may only use for a few months.  Thanks to a friend, I found out about Tot Swap, a huge consignment sales event held a few times a year.  These sales have everything you would need for infants, toddlers and children.  I have been able to pick up toys, diapers, bottles, books, clothes, strollers for pennies on the dollar compared to them new.  The best part is that once I am done using the items I am able to consign at the sale too!

As usual when I pick out anything pre-owned I check to make sure that it is not on the recall list, it is in good condition and it is something that I truly need.

When purchasing pre-owned items I am able to get name brand items for a lot less.  My children still get the same great toy to play with and I still have a few dollars in my pocket.

I strongly recommend you check out if there are any consignment sales events in your area and check it out.  It is totally worth it!



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