Days to Celebrate: First Day of Fall

Digital Reflection has a great list of 50 fall activities.

Musings of Me has a Fall Printable activity

Homeschool Creations has a Fall Fun Leaves pack.

Growing a Jeweled Rose has a list of 100 different crafts, activities, and Recipes to do with children.

Here and here are some other fall activity posts.

Days to Celebrate: National Watermelon Day!

Today is National Watermelon Day! has some great recipes, activities, and tons more all about watermelon.

Kinder Themes has a whole lesson plan with different activities.

Step by Step also has a whole lesson on Watermelons.

Making Learning Fun has a few activities about watermelon

Do you have any fun activities to celebrate this day? Please Share


Days to Celebrate: Oscar the Grouch

Today is Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday!  Below are some fun activities all featuring Oscar! Sesame Street website has some great free printables. My Coloring Pages has some free printable coloring pages. Comotion of the Ocean has free printables all about Oscar the … Continue reading

Days to Celebrate: Space Day

Today in National Space Day!

The Smithsonian has a great activity sheet  and a interactive website

NASA’s website has great interactive learning tools about the program.

DLTK has a great list of different activities all about space.

Making Learning Fun has a variety of activities.

Everything Preschool has a list of fun games about space

Perfectly Preschool has a weeks worth of lessons plans on space.

For more information:

Space Day

Book Recommendations:

Do you have any fun activities to celebrate this day? Please Share