Educational Tool: New Year Printable Pack


3 Dinosaurs has a Free New Year Printable Pack


For other Holiday Activities: Here, Here, and Here

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Educational Tool: Christmas Learning Printable Pack


3 Dinosaurs has a Free Christmas Printable Pack


For other Holiday Activities: Here, Here, and Here

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Senses: Touch

This is the second part of our senses series, touch. If you missed Sound, you can go here!  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about the sense of touch.

Activities involving touch

  • Take different types of fruit/vegetables, close your eyes.  Feel them with your fingers.  Do they feel soft or hard?  What shape are they?  Is the surface smooth or bumpy? Is it large or small? Is it hot or cold?  Place the fruit up against your face.  Does it feel different?
  •  Have a station set up with different textures of surfaces.  Ex: Fabric, paper, sand paper, metal, plastic
  • Tag the object.  Place a couple of objects out.  Without looking, have another choose which object they are to find.  Only by touching are they able to guess which one matches.
  • Texture walk: Feel the different textures of the trees, leaves (alive vs dead), different types of ground.
  • Different types of cooked pasta.  How do they differ?  Are they smooth or rough?  Are they large or small?



Do you have any fun activities, crafts or books about touch? Please share!

Check back next week for the sense of taste.


Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

A water table is a great sensory tool.  The possibilities are endless for the table.  Here are a few questions that will help expand your childs water table education.

  1. What can we do with water?
  2. How can we collect water?
  3. Does water have a taste?  If so, what do you think causes that?
  4. How far can you make the water spray?
  5. What happens if you throw a water balloon? What if you drop it?  What if you place it?
  6. Find something that floats/sinks.
  7. What noises can water make?
  8. What color is water?
  9. How does water feel?
  10. Is the water hot or cold?
  11. What happens to water if you leave it out in the sun?
  12. What happens if you gently tap the water?
  13. What happens if you slam on the water?
  14. What happens if you splash the water?

Do you have any other discussion questions for the water table?  Please share!


Tips on Preparing a Stimulating Activity

Infants, toddlers, and children learn using all 5 senses.  They have a very short attention span, so when preparing an activity it needs to be stimulating.

  • They love to use more than one sense, so create an activity that will use 2-3 senses.
  • Children love to get involved and interact, make sure it is something that they can participate in.
  • Create it based off of your child’s interest.  They will be more likely to play longer if it is something that they are interested in.
  • Make sure that the activity is age appropriate.  One that is too difficult, to fast or to slow will bore them.
  • Children are attracted to bright colors.  Does it offer multiple bright colors?
  • Fun and different materials.  Children love to explore and something new is always exciting to them.

Reference: Creative Activities for Young Children by Mary Mayesky

Do you have any tips on preparing a stimulating Activity?  Please let us know.