I decided early on that we would take a family vacation every summer, no matter what our financial situation was.  We booked inexpensive trips like camping at the Jersey shore or driving to Tennessee and camping nearby so we could go to Dollywood.  We drove to Florida and stayed at an inexpensive condo outside of DisneyWorld.  It lacked the convenience or the “status” of staying in DisneyWorld, but my kids had a great time on a shoestring budget!

We cooked out on the grill on our camping trips, saving on meals.  We shopped at a local supermarket and ate sandwiches.

We went to local parks, the zoo, visited friends, went to the pool.  I did backyard Olympics with my children and their friends and we did crafts together.  They swung on trees, rode their bikes and played with friends.

Angela DiCicco

Mother of 3, Grandmother of 2

18 Summers

18 Summers.  That’s all you have with your child. If you’re lucky.  The first doesn’t really count because they are so small they can’t really participate in anything.  Then there are the teen years where they want to spend all, or most of their time, with their friends.  Age 18 and their adults – off to explore the world on their own.

So 18 summers.  That’s the absolute most we can have with our children that we have any kind of input into.

The moral is, don’t put off those vacations, those fun times.  Join the pool, take them camping, spend as much time with your children as possible during the summer months.  Many parents “wish” this time away.  But one day you’ll look back and wish you had more time.  One day you’ll want to take them to DisneyWorld, and it will be too late.  They’ve moved on.

It’s not 18 years that you have – it’s 18 summers.  It goes by so swiftly and there’s so much to cram in.

Summers are made for fun, friends and family togetherness!  Take advantage of it.  Spend time with your children instead of filling every hour with summer camp,  Enjoy them while you can.  Because 18 summers go by very quickly.

Angela Di Cicco

Mother of 3, Grandmother of 2

Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids

I am so excited that for the month of July the author is Don and Audrey Wood.  They are one of my favorite authors from when I was a child.  I still to the day love to read their books!  We have a few in our library at home and this gives me an excuse to pick up more!  I will post the books and activities to go with the books on July 18th.  Please check back then as to the fun activities we have planned.

If you would like to join the Summer Virtual Book Club, we would love to have you!


Virtual Book Club for Kids!

Looking for new and interesting activities to do with my son during the summer, I stumbled upon a Mommy and Me Book Club blog.  I noticed that she is hosting a summer virtual book club for kids!  I got excited!  I love to read and my son loves books, so this would be great.  Plus it will expose both of us to new books and authors.  So for the summer my son and I are going to be participating in her virtual book club.  Please join me and check out her blog for more details.  I will be posting on the particular day she has set up for each month!  I am really excited to be apart of this!

Do you have any fun activities you are doing for the summer? Please share!

Ashley Myers